Showing Love And Affection Around The World!


Hello World! Hope you are having a LOVELY day!  This month, I am the host of the blogging carnival for Multicultural Kid Blogs and I couldn’t be happier. Although I am not one to celebrate Valentine’s day, as it turns out I AM a bit of a sucker for love. That means this month’s theme is quite fitting.

In this post I will share with you how my fellow multicultural bloggers and I do just that as well as where you can find them. You will read posts about how people greet each other where they are, how parents show love to their kids, how extended multicultural families show their love, how families kiss, greet each other and much more. So let’s get started.

First, let’s learn how to say I Love You around the world!  Check out it out HERE!


Kissing is a common way of showing love all over the world.  But how many kisses are expected depends on where you live. The Piri Piri Lexicon wrote this funny post about kisses in France. Bisous? 1, 2, 3, 4? French greetings: how many kisses? 


Here is a hillarious one also about kissing from Sarah at A Life with Subtitles An American Girl’s Guide To Kissing How many awkward kisses have you experienced?

An American Girl'sGuide to Kissing (1)

Showing love to kids will help them grow up unafraid to show others love as well. Not only that, but it will help them be comfortable enough to show their other emotions as well.  Leanna at All Done Monkey has a very cute post on showing kids love that I will definitely try: Monkey Kisses and Dinosaur Hugs: Creative Ways to Show Kids Love 

all done monkey

Here is a beautiful take on love wherever you are from thanks to Olga at European Mama: Rethinking Intercultural Relationships

european mama

If you speak Spanish or have heard it being spoken, you know that we love our nicknames. They are more than just nicknames to us, though, they are truly affectionate terms.  Elisabeth at Spanish Mama wrote this great post on just that: Terms Of Endearment In Spanish-Speaking Countries 

spanish mama

Here are some more, this time from Puerto Rico thanks to Frances at Discovering the World Through My Sons Eyes. Puerto Rican Terms of Endearment and Expressions of Love 

Puerto Rican Terms of Endearment

Can’t forget Valentine’s Day!  Here is a post from Lisa at Cooking With Languages just in time. Valentine’s Day: Showing Love and Affection in Spain 

cooking with languages

I also wrote this one for MKB last year on Valentine’s Day Around The World with some great ideas (also thanks to many of my MKB friends): Please do check it out.  


Here is an educational one on co-sleeping with your baby from Lisa at Lisa Lewis MD: Sharing Love: Co-Sleep Safely and Affectionately! As Lisa says “HAPPY SNUGGLES”

I hope you have enjoyed our February Blogging Carnival for Multicultural Kid Blogs! Please follow the group on the MKB site and Facebook page as well as all of our fabulous contributors!  We Love to Share the Love All Around Our Beautiful World! 

How Do You Show Love?

logoMKBcarnival2Multicultural Kid Blogs

Happy Holidays!

This holiday season, I would like to send heartfelt thanks for all of the support you have given Bilinguazo in 2015. I have learned so much from my readers and from my fellow bloggers on Multicultural Kid Blogs and Austin Moms Blog.  I am grateful for my family and friends. You have always lifted me a little higher than I thought I could go. I am, of course, so very thankful for my two little monkeys that have inspired everything that I have written for the last 5 years and for the love of my life for seeing more in me than I ever have. I hope 2016 brings a lot of inspiration to our lives and to helping each other achieve our dreams. I wish you love, good health, happiness and success! I would not be the person I am without each of you! Hugs, dear friends and see you in 2016!

Happy Holidays from my family to yours! ❤️

Global Pick of the Day

Your Family Can Help Boost Bilingualism
As part of my Global Pick of the Day and the mark of my one year anniversary as a blogger last week, I picked one of the first posts I did. I had started doing research on all things bilingual and came across some awesome articles. They have given me some great ideas about how to help my children become bilingual. We still use these tips today as well as so many others I have found along the way through the Multicultural Kid Blogs. It’s fun to look back and see where we are now. It also makes me want to try to remember what the baby photo project I mentioned was. I should write things down more often, (words no blogger should say, ha)…
Please Click here: Your Family can Help Boost Bilingualism

Something Hit Me Today…

I read a Facebook post today that hit me deep.  Reading it and seeing the expression on the guys face sent me spinning back to my younger and most insecure days. Now I know the guy is just probably a model, but I have felt that pain I saw in his eyes before. Or maybe it just hit an open wound. Here is what I saw:

 Feeling alone

I know a lot of us have felt this way from one time to another.  I felt it pretty much throughout high school. I had a close group of girlfriends and everything, but somehow I just didn’t feel free with the rest of the general population. If it wasn’t for these fabulous ladies, I don’t think I would’ve remained strong enough to make it through. They kept me grounded, helped me study, made me laugh and partied their little tails off with me every chance we got. These are not the people that made me feel like that quote. That was left to every clique in town (and there were many).

We were an odd mix of ladies: from free spirits, to conservatives, country to punk and everything in between. The fact that we have remained friends (even if only through Facebook for some) and can still share our very varied lives is a miracle in itself.

Because we were such an varied mix, every lady in the group was also part of a larger clique…more popular clique…much cooler clique.  All of them, that is, except for me. I was never a part of any of these. I would go to parties or people’s houses thanks to these ladies as they would try to get me into their larger and cooler groups, but it somehow never took.  I always felt like if it wasn’t for my girlfriends, people wouldn’t even remember if had shown up at all after the fact and they sure as hell didn’t miss me.

I don’t blame this on anyone.  I am not a victim. I am just shy and awkward.  I still feel this way in new situations. It takes me a while to warm up to people. Even my mother-in-law tells me that when they first met me, they wondered if I spoke at all. I sit, observe and then decide if I want to participate.  It has often been a big “NO” in the participation front. It is at these times that I just wait for the time to pass so I can go home to my very comfortable and happy life. And today, it is so much more than I ever thought I would ever have thanks to my luv, my babies and my families.

Oh, and I also have a nervous laugh that some people find sweet while others can’t stand. If you don’t know me, then you might think that I am either not very clever because I laugh at everything or annoyingly perky. I am neither, thank you very much. My brain just can’t focus on any other reaction. I laugh when I want to cry, I laugh when I don’t know what to say, I laugh just to break the ice.  But when I laugh out of happiness and pure joy, you will know and you will love me. Yeah, I said it!

So why am I telling you all of this? I guess I just had to write about it since when I saw the post, I felt like if the person who made it knew me. This can’t be how others feel, right?  I thought it was just me! And if there are others, does it happen all over the world? Are different countries more open to new people and welcoming into their groups? Are their cliques in countries where diversity is celebrated? How in the world will I teach my kids that it’s ok to be a little different? That it’s ok to not fit in. That it wasn’t until I was in college that I felt like myself. It wasn’t until I shed the skin of that little-self-conscious-unappreciated-silent child that I saw the beauty in diversity. I love me now and I love all the beautiful people I have met from around the world. Maybe that’s what I need to say? What would you say?

Creative Kids Culture Blog Hop #27



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Here’s my favorite from last time:

10 Simple Ways Kids Can Celebrate Earth Day

April may be gone, but we should never forget to celebrate Mother Earth. I am always looking for fun ways to teach my boys how to appreciate and love everything the world has to offer. Multicultural Kid Blogs had this great post on ways to celebrate that can be done everyday. We are actually planting our vegetable garden this weekend together as a family as soon as it stops raining. It is such fun to let the boys see how things grow, how caring for a garden is a benefit to all and, hopefully, have a healthy homegrown meal soon.

Please share this post so everyone can see how easy it is to celebrate the world. I would love to know how you celebrate everyday!

Thank you for linking-up, and we can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to!

My Global Pick of the Day!!

Global Pick Image for 4.27.15 Final (2) (600x503)

It is my turn to share one of my first posts with you and the Multicultural Kid Blogs readers.  So I thought I would share with you one of my firsts post dealing with my greatest fear.  It’s not snakes, dark spaces or even heights. I’m pretty good with all of these. What is it then? Public Speaking. Can’t do it, even at my age. What’s a mama to do?

Public Speaking: Not in English or in Spanish, Please.

I hope you enjoy my take on it and I would love suggestions on how to help my little ones avoid this challenge.

Thank you!

public speaking image

“I Am Jackie Robinson” Book Review

Jackie Robinson featured image

We are almost at the end of Black History Month and I did not want the month to end without adding a little something.  Thanks to the fabulous folks at Multicultural Kids Blog, I recently received this book to review for it.  I am very happy to be a part of this celebration and to be able to share a little bit of history with my boys.  The book we read is “I am Jackie Robinson.”  Not being a baseball fan or knowing much about him, I learned a lot from this book about this amazingly talented man and the obstacles he faced growing up and throughout his career.

The book is written for children and the illustrations are great for kids as well. The author, Brad Meltzer and the illustrator, Christopher Eliopoulos, have a series of books dedicated to teaching children about real heroes in the world they can look up to. I love the idea of such a great series.

My boys are 2 and 4 and love stories. This is a great way to teach kids a little history in a fun colorful book.  My only issue with it was the violence and some of the remarks. I know that is a subject we need to teach our kids because ignorance is the same as intolerance. I guess I just wasn’t as ready to teach it just yet. I probably should have read it first to prepare myself for questions. We read it for the first time together and I had to pause to explain to them why the way we treat people is important. I wanted them to understand that judging people for, not letting them participate in things or being mean for any reason is not ok. Once I gave them a little background and explained a little history to them so they could get an idea about what many people have suffered through to be treated equally, we were able to continue reading the story. I must confess that I completely skipped over the pages where Jackie got into a rock throwing fight with a little girl and her dad.  I just couldn’t bring myself to read that a grown man was so mean to a little boy.

Other than that, my boys really loved seeing a little boy be so good at sports. They were also very excited to see the real life pictures at the end of the book of the real Jackie Robinson and his family. They really liked that this was a true story.   The quotes are also very inspirational, I enjoyed those myself. I think it is the first biography we have read together so that was a good treat. I can’t wait to read more books from the series and learn a little bit more about some amazing people.