For the Love of Books!

For The Love of Books! (1)

What better place to share my loves’ successes than here, the site I started to help me figure out this whole parenting thing. Here is a little story that helps me feel as if we are doing something right. Sure, this is all my son’s doing, but we were right there cheering him on the whole time. Here is the story:

M has loved stories since he was born. He has asked us to read books over and over (as most kids do) since he could point to said books. He loved to look at the pictures, observe us as we read them and reenact them. He has been coming up with stories since he could talk. Now that he can read and write, a new world has opened up for him. He is writing them down!! I love how excited he gets about sharing his imagination. He even says things like, “I was talking to my brain and I have a new idea for my imagination”.  I mean what kid says that? He amazes me!

This month at school, they had a book writing contest. When I told him, his exact words were “but mama, I’m already writing a book! Can I use it?” Heck yeah, baby boy! Let’s go!

He won second place and was so pleased with himself, as he should be.  He couldn’t believe it. (So cute!)  We celebrated his success with him and told him how proud we are of both of them. He is still very excited about this accomplishment. In fact, last night before bed, he asked me to make a video of him reading his book and share it with everybody I know, so I shall!  Without further ado, I present King Mario’s reading of “The Kings Adventure”

​(In case you can’t see it, click HERE)

And if that wasn’t enough cuteness, he came out of his room after bedtime to let me know he forgot to say something on his video. Here is his additional message to you.  Enjoy!

​(In case you can’t see it, click HERE)

​My advice to all parents (’cause I know you asked😋): READ, READ, READ! I can’t stress enough how much better a book is than a cartoon or an app. Once they see how fun it is to spend time with you reading, visualizing the story and even acting it out, their own imagination will flourish.  I hope my boys keep their love for books (be it reading, writing or both). It’s never to late to fall in love with books. Hugs and let your imagination run wild!