Easter Maracas

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Sorry for the last minute post, but I wanted to share a quick an easy craft for all of those Easter Eggs you may have laying around.

Easter Bunny Maracas

I love the fact that my boys know what maracas are and that when I asked them if they wanted them to make Easter Bunny Maracas for their friends, they were so excited. Everything that I used I already had at home from previous art projects.  I know you can make them match better if you go out and buy supplies in the colors of your choosing, but for this post I used what I had at home.  I hope you enjoy.

What you will need:


  • Plastic eggs
  • Tape
  • Wire cleaners
  • Plastic spoons
  • Markers



  • Eyes
  • Glue Gun

I had some light blue spoons left from M’s first birthday party. Yes, he is 4 and I STILL had the spoons.  I may just be a pack rat.

I also already had some red painters tape left from the boy’s last bday party.

Everything else I had in my craft room already.  They are pretty much standard in my house.

  • First you fill your eggs with whatever you choose. I was lucky enough to find a bag of plastic eggs for sale at Target that were already filled with candy. But if you have some empty eggs you can fill them with uncooked rice or beans. They are perfect for making music.
  • Fold a pipe cleaner into small bunny ears to the size you like. I bent them at one end so I would have plenty left after it was taped to make a tail.
  • Place the egg on the spoon, put the ears into position as well and start taping.
  • Roll the end that is left into a little tail.


  • Next I glued the eyes onto the egg. If you don’t have eyes, you can have your kids draw some on with either paint or permanent marker.


My trick for getting the eyes on without accidents or mess is to place the eyes upside down on a hard surface first. Put a dab of glue on the egg. Carefully press down onto the eyes where your glue is to pick up the eyes. This makes it so much easier to do for me and my little helpers.

Once you have it all assembled, you can let your kids draw the faces on.  This was great fun for them.  They don’t really get to play with permanent marker for obvious reasons (mainly because it is impossible to wash, especially on their face).


There you go, sweet little bunny maracas.  Have a Happy Easter!


You can make all kinds of little creatures using this same technique.  Stay tune for a follow up post on that.

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Halloween Pumpkin Dilemma? Let’s talk turkey

Silly turkey
We are not pumpkin carvers or pumpkin eaters, so buying pumpkins in the fall is probably a silly thing for us to do. But we do it. The boys love to decorate them and they do make the house look more festive for Halloween. But then what do you do with them? It seems wasteful to throw them away if they are still good. Do you also have decorative pumpkins that you bought for Halloween, but don’t know what to do with them now that Halloween has come and gone? Here is a fun little craft for kids to do to get more use out of them just in time for Thanksgiving.

Turkey Pumpkins


  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Paper Plates (or something to pour the paint and glue for little ones)

I have two kids, so the instructions are for two pumpkins (have to keep it even to avoid conflict).

First I cut out 4 white ovals and four smaller black circles to make eyes, four brown wings, two elongated heart shapes to make the wattles and a bunch of different colored feathers. They don’t have to be perfect (I know mine aren’t), in fact, the sillier the better.


I squared off a piece of yellow paper, folded it diagonally two times and cut out 4 triangles. I then rolled each triangle and taped it as a tube with a pointed end. Then I put two tubes together to make the beak. On the non-pointy side, I cut several slits and folded them over to the outside so that you can use those ends to attach to the pumpkins. I finished them off by inserting their wattles.


I did the same thing with black paper, but made regular tubes out of rectangles instead of triangles. After I taped up the tubes, I cut slits and folded them over the same way to make it easier to attach them. I have a corner punch to round out corners (not sure what it’s called) so I used out to make the hat a little rounder.  You don’t have to do that, though, I just like using it. 🙂 I cut a little strip of brown for decoration and voila, a pilgrim hat!


I took my little feathers, made a fan and stapled them together so the kids didn’t have to mess with that. I forgot to take a picture before, but here is the finished tail.


That is all the work you need to do.

I set up their craft area, so when they came inside from playing they could see everything ready to go.

set up

I let the kids paint their pumpkins however they wanted. Once they were dry, I gave them all of the cutouts and glue. They had a blast making their turkeys come to life. And I must say, they came out SO cute!


There you have it, another use for your pumpkins. I hope you liked my little craft. Happy Turkey!

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