Global Pick of the Day: Bilingual Story Time


Here is today’s pick for MKB. I wish there were some bilingual story times like this near us that we could go to. It’s so important for kids to be able to interact with other kids in multiple languages. This will help their appreciation for language grow. Enjoy!

Bilingual Story Time: How Does it Work?

Love Being Mexican!

Saw this and had to share. So very true! Love it!


Learning About The World


When my kids were born, I told myself that I would do what I could to help them be bilingual. Though my methods may not be as good as others (say full immersion) they work for our little family. By trying to keep it light and fun, they will hopefully not see different languages as scary or foreign (pun intended).

I want them to embrace different languages and cultures even if they don’t quite understand them. I signed up for a world wide holiday card exchange program through Multicultural Kids Blog and am very excited about that. We will be making (not buying, not in my house) cards for 3 families. One is in the states, but the other 2 are in Northern Ireland and Germany. I’m excited!

I set the map on the floor and had them help me find where the cards will be headed. They were so excited to see that some of the cards will have to go over the ocean to get to their new friends. I’m not sure if they fly mail or send mail in boats these days, so I let them make their own trip. M said they are headed there in an alligator’s mouth. T wants them to go on a helicopter. Cute!

My Little Chefs


We went to a Birthday Party where the kids were able to prepare their own food and they loved it.  My little guy wasn’t as good at decorating as he was at eating everything. Even with that, though, I was one proud mama. They knew what to do and what everything was without having to be told. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, cooking with your kids is a great way for them to learn. Enjoy!




Whenever my mom hears Spanglish, she says it hurts her ears. We were never allowed to mix our languages for that reason. Come to think of it, we were only allowed to speak in spanish at home (although my sisters and I always spoke in English to each other when no one else was around). What do you think of mixing languages?

Here is a great article about Spanglish in the media:

Does Television Spanish Need a Rewrite?