Colorful Life


I love the colors in my life. I especially love all the colors in my own family. From my baby’s almost porcelain skin to my oldest olive tone. From my husband’s light skin to my own dark skin. We are not a cookie cutter family, but I know we are not the only ones. I love the fact that the world around us is full of color as well.

We are unique to us, though. Our tones reflect our personalities. We are each our own person and you can’t mistake one of us for the other. We are a family full of passion, emotion, strength and weakness with a little bit of crazy on the side. Most of all, we are full of love. Sure, some people do a double take when they see us as if unsure if I am actually my boys’ mother. I still wouldn’t change us for the world.

I am trying to teach my kids that is not right to judge people by how they look. I am trying to show them that all people are essentially the same on the inside. Most importantly, I am trying to teach them that neither a person’s appearance or where they are from defines who they are. It is their character that defines them. How they act and treat others is what everyone should concentrate on. Those who judge are showing their true character and that is on them. I want my boys to be proud of who they are and where they came from. I want them to respect others and where they came from as well. That is why I am trying to get them to love the colors they see around them as well.

Life is full of color, we just need to open our hearts to see the beauty. Our family tones may not be that different from other families after all, but they are still our own. I will keep my eyes and my heart open and dance to the colorful melody the colors make for as long as I can. Won’t you join me in celebrating a world full of color?

I’d love for you to share your colors with me. Let’s share our family’s lovely tones together. Please post and tag me #bilinguazo or on instagram @bilingualeyes. Please also tag #mkbkids so we can share with the world. Let’s see how beautiful our world full of color really is! Can’t wait to see you!

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How are French Babies Healthier?

A friend posted this article on Facebook today and I found it very interesting. I read the book “Bringing Up Bébé” a while back and was in awe at how mothers in France teach their babies so much so early. I have even taken some of the lessons to heart. If you know me, you know I am all about the routine. Some people may think of me as a crazy schedule lady. I may even be seen as a sleep tyrant. That means that in our house nap times and night time routines do not get interrupted unless there is nothing I can do about it. Let’s be real, I can usually do something about it.

We plan outings around sleep times. We also avoid sugar (for the most part) unless it is a special occasion. We try not to snack, but because they have snack time in school, this is hard to avoid at home. To remedy that, if they want a snack, they can pick from our fruit basket. I love that they run up and M asks for a banana while T asks for an orange. They leave with their snack as happy as any kid getting a candy.

The article mainly talks about ADD and ADHD. I don’t claim to know much about these and I would never dare say that a child that is suffering with anything was misdiagnosed. That would be so disrespectful to the parents. I know plenty of parents trying to help their children have happy healthy lives and are doing it amazingly. I wanted to share the article because I found it interesting.

I do agree with the part of the article that suggests that we are poisoning our bodies little by little with too many artificial items. I wish I could be 100% natural. It is just so hard (and expensive in this day and age). We, like all good parents, do the best we can.

I would love to know your thoughts on the matter. How true do you feel this is in your experience?

Please click on this link to view article:

“Why French Kids Don’t Have ADHD”