How To Save an Injured Pumpkin

How to Save an Injured Pumpkin

This weekend we did something I had never done or really ever wanted to do before: We carved pumpkins! I don’t like pumpkin (crazy, I know) so it seemed like a waste to take a perfectly good pumpkin and throw away the stuff inside. I think I was also too lazy to worry about cleanup as it always seemed so messy when I saw others do it or watched it on TV.  My husband took care of emptying out and cleaning the pumpkins. Thanks, luv. All I had to do was carve and that was actually kind of fun. We used a typical carving kit/stencil paper found at Whole Foods but that can be purchased pretty much anywhere they have Halloween things. It looks similar to this:


Once done, we put them out in our front yard.

Bilinguazo Pumpkins 2015

Mine is the one on the right. Not bad for a beginner, I say.

Now, we live in a part of town where there are still deer roaming the streets. I love them, they are beautiful creatures:

beautiful deer

Our front lawn one day.

Yet it somehow didn’t occur to us that a carved pumpkin would be a special treat to said deer. Well, mine was.  They didn’t touch my husband.  At least that night.  This is what it looked like in the morning.


I hate to waste things, so instead of throwing it away, I decided to try to save it using things I had at home. Here is what I used.

  • Black Construction Paper (You can also use orange to match the pumpkin)
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Cheese Cloth

I drew a face (but you can draw any pattern really) holding the paper sideways and drawing from end to end.  I had to make sure that all of the parts met.  I drew it as if the face had glasses so that I could tape the glasses to the pumpkin. Then the eyes connect to the nose and the nose to the mouth. This way they could all just hang as a single piece like this.

Bilinguazo Cutout for Pumpkin

My artistic skills speak for themselves…

I put the cheese cloth over it so it could be more of a ghost pumpkin as requested by M:


It looks better at night. Ha!

And lit it up at night for the world. At least the deer left me a good shape to work with. That was nice of them.

Bilinguazo Pumpkins 2015

This is a super simple solution, but it works. I like it.  Now that I know how it looks, I may try to create more intricate designs. Or maybe we’ll avoid the mess all together and just paint the pumpkins.  At least that way, I won’t have to try to save chewed up pumpkins again. We did sprinkle Irish Spring around the pumpkin as recommended by a neighbor. We’ll see if that saves what is left.

I’m sure some of you are way more artistic than I am and can make some crazy designs if this ever happens to you or you just feel like doing it for fun.  This is just one of our Halloween crafts. We plan to do more for it as well as for Dia de los Muertos. Do you decorate for Halloween? How do you decorate your pumpkins? How do you deal with animals eating up your pumpkins? I would love to see pictures of your decorations along with where you live.

*UPDATE: It is with great sadness that I report that I was unable to save the bat the following day. It suffered extensive injuries with too many broken body parts to survive. Irish Spring is no match for the Texas deer. It was a good try, though.  The cheese cloth seemed to keep them off mine for a night. Off to buy fake pumpkins. 


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