Still Learning, Even in My Virtual Silence…

I seem to have gotten myself so busy with summer, birthday parties, birthday crafts and several projects here and there that I have been neglecting my own blog. I apologize for not being a consistent blogger. I hope I haven’t completely lost everyone. The good news is that we have not let our bilingual endeavors slack. In fact we are happy to report that both boys did awesome by the end of summer school and are thriving in a new program.

After trying so hard to set up a type of class time at home, I have come to the conclusion that teaching is not my strength.  To be honest, I already knew that, but I gave it the old college try. I will continue to read to the boys in Spanish and we still love to play songs that we can sing and dance to. I will leave the official teaching to the experts, however.

Summer school was a fun way for them to learn to love Spanish a little more. The school they went to was a full immersion school and, even though they did speak to the children in english when necessary, my boys started to understand more.  They would come home singing new songs and calling out words they recognized.  I thank them for that. The school was great, but in the end we decided to look for something more academic based and with kids they will hopefully grow up with. None of the kids in the program were from the area we live in. We really want them to be able to make and keep friends. So the search began.

During my search, I found a brand new program that I think may be just what we are looking for. It is really an after school program for kids twice a week for an hour at a time.  Because the boys are so little, the school added a new class at a time that would fit our schedule.  How amazing is that? Once they start going to regular school, we will move them to the after school program. For now, I am very grateful for what they have done for us.

The program is called Linguistica and I find their technique very interesting. Their focus is to grow with the kids. The instructors are both native speakers and certified teachers, a big plus in my book. Here is how they describe what they do:

“In addition to language, we study music, authentic cuisine, national holidays and more. This kind of immersion gives the language context, making it both more attainable and more interesting and fun.”

For my boys, they are starting them with image and word association, greetings, alphabet, and, of course, SONGS! I love that they love music so much and want to learn from it. I need to take a video of them dancing to the songs. Have you ever seen toddlers dance? It’s the cutest thing EVER! They have their very own fabulous moves!

I will keep you posted on how well they do and what I am learning from them. I will also try to write more often. 🙂  Have a wonderful weekend!


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