A Note to All Fathers

A Note to All Fathers-3
What can I say other than thank you? Thank you to all the fathers in the world that love their kids. Thank you for taking an interest in your children and making sure they are as safe as they can be. Thank you for working tirelessly to make sure your children have a smile on their faces no matter where you are.
I especially want to thank the father of my own children who has given so much already. He takes care of us, supports us, laughs with us, plays with us and loves us. Even if he doesn’t show the rest of the world, he is just as silly as the rest of us when no one is looking. He is goofy when he wants to be yet serious when he has to be. He is carefree when he feels like it but stern when he has no choice. He will listen to whatever we say, (yes, even babble) and make us laugh with his stories. He makes us think, he makes us love but most of all he brings us together.
Thank you for being my best friend as well as your kids’ best friend. If you could’ve met my own father he would thank you as well, I am sure of it. If I could talk to my father I would also thank him for doing all of those things with us. For being with us every moment he could and for just being his wonderful self. It was he who showed me how a man should be. Because of him I never settled for less. Because of him I knew when I met you that you were a good man. I knew when I saw you playing with other people’s kids that you would be good to your own. I knew that you and my father shared a lot of qualities that I love. And I know that you will pass those qualities along to your children. Because of you and my own father, our kids will be great men, great husbands and one day (hopefully) great fathers.
Thank you for being you and making us as happy as can be.
Thank you to all the fathers all over the world for all you do!

Happy Father’s Day!

The Fathers I Love:

From my own father that showed me unconditional love…


to my father-in-law that raised two wonderful men …
to the father of my children who has made our hearts whole, WE LOVE YOU!


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