Happy Heart Kid’s Review


Disclosure: A complimentary copy of this kit was kindly provided to me for review purposes. All opinions stated here are my own.

Happy Heart Kids has developed a great program to teach kids the important life skills that every single child in the world should learn.  It teaches them several character building activities that are both fun and educational.

The kit that we chose was the Manners Kit. My little ones are still trying to find their voice in life. In doing so, they sometimes forget their manners in order to get either what they want or not do what they don’t want. Kids will be kids, but that doesn’t mean they can’t learn manners early. The creators of the Happy Heart Kid Kits have come up with a great way to make learning to have a good and strong character fun.

My kids are two and four years old.  The kit may be easier for older children to use, but if you are a hands-on parent, this kit can work great for you too (with a few alterations).

The kit comes with four activities:


  • An activity book.

It includes coloring pages which focused on different situations and a table setting activity to teach them the right way to set a table and help out in the kitchen. We did that at lunch time so they could see how I set the table and emulate it. Both kids really enjoyed that.


What kid doesn’t like to color?


  • An imaginative play board game.

The “Table Manners Game” that gives you situations to act out different situations by choosing a way to do things politely, filling in the blanks or creating a conversation with each other regarding a question on the card.  My kids like to “act” so this was fun for them as well.  I really think they learned to think about things just a little bit more.  I can still ask them what Caleb and Ella would do, they really liked the characters. There are a lot of questions in the game, so we played short rounds. My little ones can only stay still for so long.  This would be great for kids a little older. That said, what times we did get to play were fun for all.

I shouldn't let them stand on chairs, but they were so excited!

I shouldn’t let them stand on chairs, but they were so excited!


  • Courtesy Bracelets.

This one was a little harder for us to use.  The beads are really small and my little one still tends to put everything in his mouth.  In order to avoid this, I made them for them.  I used yarn instead of string so they wouldn’t tear them so easily (they can stretch any elastic until it breaks). I stung the beads through with a yarn needle and I think they came out really cute.


Here is how we use them…every time either of them ask for something politely, say thank you or excuse me, offer to help or give a compliment, they get a bracelet. We switch the bracelets on and off all day. They only end up wearing them for a little while because they see it like a game.  They want to see how quickly they can get it back by having good manners. I think this a great way to teach them. Really, they are teaching themselves. In fact, there are times when they have to tell me to give them a bracelet because of what they said and did. I have even been told to wear them when I, myself, am nice. Isn’t that sweet.

  • And Thank You Cards

This is a great idea. They don’t have to wait to receive presents to say thank you to someone.  The whole concept is for them to make thank you cards for the people they appreciate in their lives. A “thank you for being you” card. I love it. We will make so many more of these and often. I think it is very important to show people you care every day and this is a wonderful way to share that with my kids. Also, we LOVE crafts!


 All in all, we really enjoyed the kit. Everything included is fun and educational which I love. The creators call this “playing with purpose”. I think this is how everyone should play, young or old. It’s a great way to look at things, I think.

The whole program was very well thought out, nicely put together, packaged beautifully and the characters are super cute. I highly recommend this for your kids. Like I said before, if your kids are too little for some of the activities, you can always find a way to make them work for you and still help them learn such valuable lessons. I can’t wait to see the rest of the kits.  Thank you Happy Heart Kid for sharing this with our family!

Happy Heart Kid has a Kickstarter Page to raise funds for this great project.  Please give as much as you can.  The world needs more fun activities like these for children.  If they can launch this now, imagine what they can do in the future!

For more information on Happy Heart Kid, please visit their website at http://happyheartkid.com/

To donate to their project and watch a little video in their own words, please visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1755400826/happy-heart-kid

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  I hope this helps you not only see how great this kit is, but how amazing and fun teaching character building activities can be for even the little ones.

Happy Holidays!!

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