Thank YOU!



Since I embarked on this bilingual journey of mine in May, I have found so many resources with amazing ideas to help me teach my kids spanish as well as teaching them around the world!

  • We made cards for kids from around the world for the festive card swap.  I will mail them soon and can’t wait to see where our cards will be from.
  • I found great games and activities to do with my kids.
  • I have found so many learning tools to help a not so good teacher teach.
  • I have learned about so many books to read to them which they are loving.

    So to all of you amazing bloggers I follow and to all of those I will soon learn from, thank you! Thank you to my readers and followers here, on Twitter and Facebook. You make this fun to do! And thank you to my family for the inspiration. Los Adoro!

    Here is a little list of some of the ones that I look to. I apologize if I missed yours, there are so many great ones. I’d be happy to update. Also, there are a lot more from Twitter. That’s a whole other post! Thanks for the great advice there, too!



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