Legos and Cars!


Yet another rainy day at the O home. I always loved the rain except for when I have to drive in it, when it wakes up the kids or when they go stir crazy. Thank goodness we have a ridiculous amount of toys given to them by our generous family. We had put away the track ages ago but was recently rediscovered by curious monkeys far back in a closet. Thank goodness they found something to keep them entertained on this lazy rainy day.

I know I have a couple of rainy day posts on the blog already, so I’ll try not to repeat myself. Instead I shall talk about how great it is to watch their amazement with a car going on circles over and over again. Silly boys. Watching it makes me a little sleepy. Same reason I can’t watch car races…


Look, Papa joined the fun and they have decided to build a Lego city, too. It’s going to be great!

Whatever silliness you have going on in your house, I hope you enjoy it with those you love. Happy Saturday to you!


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