Felt Ocean Learn and Play

felt fun 2 felt fun 1

I love finding new ways for my little ones to play and learn at the same time. Here is the quick little DIY guide for our ocean. This is how we learned about sea life in both English and Spanish. I taped blue square sheets of felt paper on our easel and cut out shapes for sharks, whales, fish, octopi and seahorses (made two of each so they wouldn’t fight over them, of course). I then drew simple little faces in with a marker and let them create their own ocean. If your kids are older, then they could do the cutting and painting themselves so they can make them their own little creations.

As they would pick one of the little figures, we review what they are in English and Spanish. They seem to really enjoy playing with them even when not reviewing. My four year old even calls out the names on his own now.  We had previously done our family and house, so those are the other figures in the pictures. I know this is super simple, but sometimes it’s the simple things that are the most fun.  We will be making holiday felt figures as well.  I’m looking forward to all we can do for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas! What other crafts do you use to help your kids learn? Enjoy your crafting!

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