Learning Fun

Learning Fun

What can I tell you about our learning adventures?  As you may know, I am a bilingual mom looking for ideas to make learning fun.  I have become a little obsessed with Facebook pages from other bilingual moms, teachers and groups that focus on this.  I am not nearly as creative as they are, but I am a very good imitator. So here are some ideas I like.

1. Rhyming is one of the best way to learn.

That is why I really like this little rhyme to teach words to my kiddos:

pollito, chick

gallina, hen

lápiz, pencil

pluma, pen

ventana, window

puerta, door

maestra, teacher

piso, floor

I like it so much I have decided to rearrange the play room to add our own school corner to it.  (I wonder if I can find school desks for cheap. How cool would that be?) I am pretty sure that there is more to this song, but this is what I found. I plan to find other rhyming words to change it up now and then.  Any suggestions?

  1. Felt Figures.

I like making felt animals.  We made a circus for their BDay party and a little house with our family, but the ocean has been by far their favorite. I will write a quick post on how to make these soon.  It’s so easy.

 felt fun 1

  1. Library books.

We love getting library books in Spanish to help our learning.  Just the other day I went and got 18 books to last us for the next two weeks! Yep, I love books! Fortunately, our library has a great selection. I can’t wait to go to Mexico and find more. They seem to enjoy them as well.  I hope their love of books grows with each passing year.


  1. Music.

As always, there are the songs we still like to sing: can’t have a fun learning experience without music. We still sing the songs I mentioned in a previous post by Jose Luis Orozco. But we also listen to some oldies but goodies. For example, have you ever heard of Topollillo? He was a puppet mouse that may seem a little creepy and extremely cheesy now. Back in the day, though, he had the best goodnight song ever. We even played it as the last song at our wedding reception. We now sing the first verse every night.  My four year old can sing it all the way through and even papa joins in.  My two year old yells to the rhythm since he hasn’t gotten the words down yet, but at least he’s trying.

These are some of the things we do to help learn Spanish and I am so glad google is around to help in my search for new things. My husband thinks I am a crazy googler, I google everything. I hope these ideas I found help you a little in your adventures.  I can’t wait to keep learning from other parents so that our journey continues to be fun. Here is to keeping our bilingualeyes shining bright! Gracias!

(If you would like to share my blog, I would be so grateful. You can also find it in Spanish at www.bilinguazo.worpress.com and on Facebook under www.facebook.com/bilinguazo. Thanks a bunch!)


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