Changing My Tune


I’ve decided that in order to prevent writers block I must change my ways. Instead of trying to figure out what the bilingual community might want to read, I should focus more about what life really is. So less bilingual tunnel vision and more polycultural, maybe? I thought I was being all clever and made that up, but I googled it and what do you know; it totally is a real thing.  I even found an article breaking it down for me called “Polyculturalism”1.  I also found this definition helpful.

Polyculturalism acknowledges the inter-related connections and fluidity between cultures and their intersections. Multiculturalism keeps cultures separated and static–allowing them to relate alongside one another.2

The fear that mixing cultures may have a reverse effect and eventually drown out some traditions or customs is a valid fear. I feel, however, that as long as we remain aware of what everyone is offering with their traditions, life can become less about separation and more about acceptance. Mixed families have been doing something like this all along, it’s just now I know that there might be a word for it.

This might be a naïve way of looking at it, and maybe I am making my own interpretation of it, but maybe this is what I need to focus on accomplishing with my family. In fact, I think in a way this is what we have been doing all along without even realizing it. We are just searching for a way to allow my husband’s upbringing and my own to flow together to create a better world for our kids. Neither one of us want to lose what we value, so we try to combine our ideas and make them our own for our little family.

I will continue to try to teach them Spanish, the love for my Mexican culture and all traditions I love, of course. My husband will create new memories for them to share doing what he loves. Together we will make sure that they are aware of how great this world is and how many other cultures there are with their own fun traditions. I would like to incorporate others into our mix. This will hopefully teach them more about the world. I think our bilingualeyes could use a greater vision. I will always think of myself as bilingual. Now I can try to continue doing that while adding an open heart for cultures.

Do you have any traditions you are teaching your kids or would love for other’s to learn more about? I would love to learn from you. Thank you!


2What is the difference between polycutural and multicultural

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