My Little Superheroes


Today was the first day of school for both of my babies.  To keep things easy, I’ll call my big boy M and my little one T from here on out.  They are both only going half days twice a week, but it was still a big moment in our house.  It was the first time my 2 year old has been away from me besides when my husband has watched him for me. And never has he been with strangers.

After a successful drop off and no phone call from the school, I felt relieved. For pickup, I got to the school very early and sat in the parking lot; I did not want to seem like that crazy mom that can’t be away from her babies long.  Oh, wait, too late! I am that mom.

It turns out that my gut feeling to run in was correct.  Even though T had a great morning, by the time lunch came around, he was a mess.  I think not having me or his dad feed him scared him a bit.  And when he gets upset, he gets UPSET! I always thought mama or papa hugs were the only cure.  Today I learned big brother has that power as well. I was so happy to hear that!

Both boys’ teachers couldn’t stop gushing about how amazing they are to each other.  Once the teachers realized that no one could calm T down, they walked him over to M’s class and let them cuddle.  T’s teacher said that he was so happy to see his big brother that he ran over to him asking for cuddles trying hard to hold back his tears.  M hugged him and kissed him while telling him not to be sad.  M’s teacher said this how the conversation went.

M: “It’s ok, buddy. Everything is going to be alright. Mama will be here soon.”

T: “When?”

M: “In two minutes”

T: “Ok.  More cuddles?”

M: “Of course!”

Then they just hugged until the whimpers faded away and it was time for the teacher to take him back to his class.  By that point, I was already walking to down the hall and was able to hold him. Turns out M didn’t lie to him, it was as close to two minutes as it can be in a two year old’s mind. J It’s amazing to me how he knew just what to say and how they are so comfortable with each other.  They are each other’s superheroes!

What does this have to do with being bilingual? Not much maybe.  Or maybe the cultural values we share with them and the way both my husband and I view family has joined both worlds in their bilingualeyes so they can come together at each other’s time of need and go beyond words. The love they share goes beyond language. I believe it then becomes more of bicultural growth. That sounds good to me. Or maybe I’m just a proud mama wanting to brag a little.  Either way, I hope you liked reading this as much as I liked hearing all about it.

Sending Hugs. Gracias

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One thought on “My Little Superheroes

  1. Joyce Hirsch says:

    This just tugged at my heart as I visualized Mario comforting Travis! Great day for the boys though because they will be going to school for a long long time and they will survive and love it!


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