Book Review #2

Time for another book review!  Here are three more books that checked out of the library recently. 

  • The first book is “¿Donde Esta el Ombliguito?” By Karen Katz.  This book has super cute pictures which helps you review some body parts with your little ones. We made it into a game where they had to find their own or somebody else’s eyes, feet, belly buttons etc.  They loved it.
  • Next is “Mi Casa: Un Libro en Dos Lenguas / My House: A Book in Two Languages” by Rebecca Emberly. This is more of a picture book showing the different parts of a house (including family and pets) in English and Spanish. It shows you everything from the outside in and in every room.  Great for vocabulary review.  Being that my babies are so little (2 & 4), their attention span is a bit limited. So we were only review a couple of rooms at a time or else it became information overload. Each room had so many items to look at and learn.  It is very thorough and probably better for older children.
  • And last for now is “Mi Libro Grande de las Palabras” by Roger Priddy.  This book has real pictures of objects, emotions, activities, colors, numbers, alphabet, family, food, animals…you name it, and it’s got it!  It is a great review of vocabulary but a little overwhelming for little ones as well. There are a lot of pictures per page as well.  We ended up breaking it up in different lessons. They still liked to leaf through and look at pics, especially the cars and trucks section. Boys will be boys. 🙂

I hope you like this review and I would like to keep adding to this as the weeks go by.  If you have any books you would like to review, message me and I will happily post your reviews as a contributor.

Hasta Pronto!

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