Review of Local Library Bilingual Books #1

the boys sharing their books before bedtime.

the boys sharing their books before bedtime.

One of the activities that I like to do with my boys is go to the public library. Now that I am a part of Bilingual Parents Connect and being held accountable for reading to my babies in my native language, getting books has been on the top of the priority list. We found the Spanish section in the library and can now get bilingual books to read to them on at story time.  I never realized how many there are to choose from.  It’s a wonderful thing to see a whole section devoted to Spanish speaking kids. Hopefully my future books will be there one day.

I will be writing little reviews about the books as we get them focusing on how my boys reacted to them and which were the most popular.

My first review consists of the three books we first checked out. They are “The Usborne First Thousand Words” by Heather Amery  and Stephen Cartwright, “Cuckoo/Cucu” by Lois Ehert and “Como Comen Los Dinosaurios?”  by Jane Yolen and Mark Teague.

“The Usborne First Thousand Words” is a great teaching book for little ones. We can just sit and go over the words while looking at the cute pictures.  Both boys liked to look at the book even when I wasn’t reviewing the words with them.

“Cuckoo/Cucu” is a great bilingual book.  The story is printed in English and Spanish together so the kids can have the translation for each part told at the same time.  This helps them know what the words mean right away.  The pictures are beautiful and very colorful, which catches their eye right away. It was a cute story.  They still run around singing “Cucu” from time to time, so it definitely stayed in their minds.

“Como Comen Los Dinosaurios” is a very cute story that not only teaches Spanish by having both English and Spanish together for easy word recognition, but also teaches manners. It shows how bad dinosaurs eat compared to well behaved dinosaurs eat.  This is a very good tool to teach your own messy dinosaurs.  My kids have been all of the bad dinosaurs at some point or another and still are at times. Both loved the pictures of dinosaurs and the story.  This one was the most requested read of that week.

I hope you like this review. I would like to keep adding to this as our library trips continue, maybe twice a month. If you have any books you would like to review, message me and I will happily post your reviews as a contributor.

Have a great week! Hasta Pronto!

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