Being Bilingual is Delicious

M & T one stand

One of the blogs I like to follow is a local moms’ blog “about living and loving Austin” called Austin Moms’ Blog.  They usually have a daily poll asking other moms their opinions on things. The latest question that caught my eye had to do with whether or not you let your children help in the kitchen.  This got me thinking about our cooking adventures.  I have never been afraid to let the boys be with me in the kitchen.  In fact, those are some of my best memories so far.  Since they were big enough to sit in a Baby Bumbo they have watched me cook.


Once they could sit on their own, they were able to play with Tupperware and plastic ware.


And when my oldest was standing and wanting to help, we asked my father-in-law (better known as Opa to them) to build us a kitchen stool for him to be able to reach the counter and help me out. We have been cooking together ever since!

With Lita (my mama)

With Lita (my mama)

We went through pretty much the same steps with my second. And now he has his very own stepstool thanks to their Opa as well.

T cooking

All three of us can happily cook together now.


Sure it gets very messy. Sure they eat more than they put in the bowls we are using.  But this is all time that I can look back on when they are too busy for me. And it may even help them want to cook for themselves so they never have to rely on anyone else for that.  I especially hope it helps them not want junk food so much knowing they can make food taste so much better than that. We’ll see how that one goes.  🙂

Since they are with me in the kitchen, we talk about the ingredients and dishes in English and Spanish. They get to see and taste the Mexican food that I make all of the time.  They know all about Chilaquiles, Enchiladas, Albóndigas, Empanadas and Chiles Rellenos (they are too little for the super spicy stuff, but they know how it is made and they get what goes on the inside the peppers without the hot spices for their meals.)  My husband even joked the other day that he has never known a kid to ask for salsa on his meals, but ours do! Yay!

Making empanadas

Making empanadas

I’m hoping to learn more recipes to show them soon.  My mom comes to visit from Mexico in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait to see her and learn more from her.


My recipe book is rather small as I have never been a very good cook.  I honestly did not start even trying until the kids were born. Before that my attempts were sometimes laughable.  But my husband always tried to eat what I made with a smile. Even if I could tell it was painful.  Now, that’s love.

Since I’m bragging a little, here is a little more on the fabulousness of my husband. He also shares his cooking expertise with the boys.  He loves to grill and so do my boys.  Well, they are too young for the real deal, but they can pretend.  They have their very own kitchen and grill set up right where papa has his, so when it is a good day to grill, they boys are all outside together.  I love to watch them play and want to be just like their papa. I didn’t have time to look through my millions of pictures for one of the three of them grilling, so instead I share with you how he prepares lunch sometimes. 🙂

photo 4

Anyways, back to my main point… I think that food is the best way to show someone about their culture and how they grew up.  Let them see how much love you put into the meal and share stories about your life. I like stories about family and tradition so they see what an amazing world you are trying to have them be a part of. Then maybe they will make the connection between the words, the food, the culture and the love.

Baking a cake with three of my fabulous sisters almost two years ago.

Baking a cake with three of my fabulous sisters almost two years ago.

How do your bilingualeyes focus on food? I feel food brings everyone together. We are all one when it comes to food. And I truly hope you share a little bit about yourself next time you are in the kitchen with the one you love and enjoy your next family meal. ¡Buen Provecho!

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