Your Family can Help Boost Bilingualism


A great bilingual site posted this article about bilingual grandparents.  I think we can use the advice not only for grandparents, but for parents and all of the family and friends.  It will help keep the bond strong.   Thank you, Bilingual Monkeys:

Here is my breakdown of the three ways to boost language:

1. Strengthen ties through photos and video clips

My kids see pictures all of the time.  And they know I love to take their picture all if the time as well.  I think looking at old pictures helps them see that we were kids once, too.  I hope it helps them understand that we have gone through what they are going through and they can talk to us about things.  They’ve even met my dad who passed through photos and recognize him now.  That makes me happy. And I’m developing a project we can do together in Spanish incorporating our baby pics.  More on that later.

2. Create communication via Skype video chats

FaceTime is a must in our house for my husband parents to see my kids whenever they like and Skype is a godsend for my family in Mexico. Though we sometimes have a bad connection, being able to see their Lita is priceless.

3. Establish an exchange of handwritten letters

I remember growing up and having to do this.  It was not my favorite thing to do because it felt like homework. But I must say that having my own private chats with my grandmother through letters and then catching up in person when we were able to see her again is a great memory I have of her. My babies are too young to write still, but once they can, we will definitely keep this tradition going.

All three of these ways to boost language growth are excellent and I hope to keep incorporating them into our everyday lives for our bilingualeyes.


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