Success at Spanish Summer Camp

Today is the last day of the first session in a Spanish immersion program for my three year old and I must say we couldn’t be happier! He loved the school, the teachers and the other kids.  He particularly loved all of the toys they have, of course.

He came home wanting to keep learning, telling me words that he learned, singing songs in Spanish. WOW! I would love for this to be a year round schedule, but they do not offer half days during the regular school year and I’m not ready for him to be gone all day.  That and, well, they are very expensive during the year.

Sending him there has not only helped him, but me as well.  I have new ideas for arts and craft projects for us to do.  YAY, I love crafts.  And now we can do them in both languages.  Here is a picture of the crafts they did in school and now we can run with this and make our own food art to learn our foods in Spanish as well. Thanks Jardin de Niños Interlingua and we will see you in a few weeks.

What crafts do you like to do?



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